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25 January 08:30-09:30Softhouse

Building AI Bots from Your Documents

Dive deep into the world of large language models and experience firsthand how they power innovative applications! Split into three parts, this session on January 25th promises a blend of theory and practical applications. New! Due to the large popularity of chatbots we’ve updated the session with a section on the bigger picture of how and when to build chatbots.

Part 1: Witness the power of AI as we introduce you to a bot that can answer questions about the Softhouse ”Personalhandbok”.

Part 2: Get a glimpse behind the scenes! From loading and parsing data to the intricacies of information retrieval leading to Q&A sessions.

Part 3: When should you build an AI bot - and what alternatives are out there?

Join us to delve deep into the exciting realm of GPT-4, LangChain, NLP, Python, and more!

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Olof Bengtsson

Olof graduated in 2022 with machine intelligence as a specialization, where he was introduced to many new techniques in machine learning. In his Master’s thesis, he trained a model to classify the topics covered in a podcast, which he ultimately ended up deploying as a REST API service. Other projects include anomaly detection in energy consumption time series data.

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Orestes Theodoridis

With a M.Sc in physics - Orestes, together with Martin, is the driving force behind the “PersonalHandBot”, a sophisticated Q&A system leveraging the power of AI language models.

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Martin Wierzbicki

Our go-to developer with mastery over Java, Spring Boot, and more. Alongside Orestes, Martin's work on the “PersonalHandBot” is exemplary.

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Kerstin Johnsson

Driven by her Ph.D. in mathematics, she has worked with deep learning software development for many years, for example, with AI-assisted prostate cancer assessments and fingerprint authentication. She is a consultant at Softhouse, where she also drives business and competence development in AI/ML

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Good to know!

Welcome to a long-awaited breakfast event with us at Softhouse in Malmö. 

We'll meet on the 25th of January at 08:30 to dive deep into "Building AI Bots from Your Documents questions" and be inspired by four experts within the field!

Location: Softhouse (Slagthuset)

The number of seats for the event is limited, so it's first come, first served! The event is free, but registration is required as refreshments will be served. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us regarding the event, please get in touch with for more information.

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