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11 - 12 May

About the course

A Scrum Master is responsible for the teams working and being productive. The person's task is to guide, coach and teach the Scrum methodology to everyone involved in the team, and ensure that the processes are followed. The role has been established as an attractive career path with many opportunities. 

During the course, you will learn, experience and practice what it is like to lead a successful Scrum project. The course contains a number of fairly intensive exercises and case studies where we mix theory and practical exercises so you get to experience the feeling of participating in a real Scrum project.

After completing the course, you have the opportunity to become a certified Scrum Master and work as a Scrum Master. In the role of Scrum Master, you are the key to creating a high-performing team.

Learning goals

  • The purpose of Scrum and agile working methods. 
  • What the Scrum framework is, the underlying philosophy from Lean and Agile development, why Scrum works and what the challenges are in implementing Scrum.
  • The roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team) work together and what responsibilities and powers each role has.
  • How you as a Scrum Master can help the team to constantly grow and improve and become a cross-functional, self-organizing team.
  • Why team dynamics is a crucial factor in how well the team will function.
  • What a good Product Backlog looks like and how the Product Owner continuously maintains it, so that you can also help the Product Owner to grow.
  • Estimating with Story Points, the method that the Team uses to help the Product Owner estimate the content of the Product Backlog.
  • Sprint planning, daily meeting (Daily Scrum), demonstration (Sprint Review) and retrospective. You will also learn to handle a number of situations that can occur in a Scrum Masters everyday life.
  • How to measure the Team's speed (Velocity) and how to easily use it to do long-term project planning towards a goal (eg a release) several Sprints away.
  • The importance of visibility and transparency, and how you can create it using Burndown Charts and Task Boards.

Target group

The course is aimed for future Scrum Masters and others who need good knowledge of how the different parts of Scrum work, e.g. project managers, clients, managers, team leaders and developers. 

Previous knowledge

Over the years, we have noticed that those who get the most out of the course are those who have acquired the basic knowledge of Scrum even before the course. We therefore recommend that you have read a book about Scrum before the course, or (if you have less time over) at least read through The Scrum Guide.

Course length

2 days





    Course leader

    Arne Ã…hlander
    Certified Scrum Trainer

    Certified Scrum Trainer

    Arne has 20 years of experience from leading positions in the IT and telecom sector. The experience includes company management, product management, process management and consulting services. Arne is a Certified Scrum Trainer, Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator and Training from the Back of the Room Certified Trainer.

    Arne has a broad background in Agile software development and especially Scrum. He is a veteran consultant and business developer in the Scandinavian IT industry with additional global experience in Europe and Asia. Arne has extensive experience of working in management teams and combining people, processes and products to successfully build and implement long-term strategies.

    For more than 20 years, Arne has helped industry leaders such as Ericsson, ABB, Telenor, Telia, Volvo and Saab. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and former Certified Management 3.0 Facilitator and has trained thousands of developers and managers in agile values, principles and methods. To make all his training a remarkable learning experience, Arne has made efforts to become a certified trainer in how to present "Training From The BACK Of The Room".

    Do you want to know more about Arne? Visit his website.

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    • Registration to take the Certified ScrumMaster® test online with the Scrum Alliance (requires active participation both days)

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