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8 February 08:30-09:30Softhouse

Sustainable UX Design

In our digital age, user experience is of the utmost importance, so it’s crucial we dive into Sustainable UX Design. This approach urges us to consider our environmental footprint and embrace accountability. As digital innovation advances, we’re faced with a pressing dilemma: can we continue to craft outstanding products without compromising the health of our planet?

In this talk, we’ll navigate the nuances of Sustainable UX Design, seeking a balance between user delight and ecological mindfulness. Join me as we explore how thoughtful design can foster not only user engagement but also a commitment to our shared environment.

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Nashmil Mobasseri
User Experience Designer

As a passionate user experience designer, I am deeply intrigued by the impact of design on users’ lives. This curiosity drives me to meticulously examine both the positive and negative aspects of the experiences I create, ensuring they resonate deeply with users.

Talk to me about #UIUXDesign, #Accessibility, #BehavioralDesign, #DataVisualization, and #SpeculativeDesign.

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Welcome to a long-awaited breakfast event with us at Softhouse in Malmö. 

We'll meet on the 8th of February at 08:30 to dive deep into "Sustainable UX Design" with Nashmil Mobasseri,  passionate user experience designer at Softhouse.

Location: Softhouse (Slagthuset)

The number of seats for the event is limited, so it's first come, first served! The event is free, but registration is required as refreshments will be served. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us regarding the event, please get in touch with for more information.

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