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8 March 2023 17:00-20:00Softhouse Växjö

Mark International Women’s Day together with us

Every story is different. Career possibilities within the tech industry are endless. Women need more platforms to be heard and to share their stories. The theme for this event is Female Role Models, where we will listen to inspiring stories and experiences by women in the industry. The event will give us the opportunity to talk about the challenges and possibilities we see in the IT/tech industry, share knowledge, create awareness, and of course - network and have fun!

The last day of registration is March 6, so make sure to sign up in time!

Erdelina Kurti
Postdoctoral Researcher @ Department of Informatics/Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University

Is digital transformation gender neutral?

Erdelina will present and focus on the intersection of digital transformation and gender. She will highlight the perspective of value-ladenness of digital technologies and the importance of participation of women to rectify existing biases, towards a more egalitarian and socially sustainable society. The talk will also shed light on some results of a recent study with female students in their ICT related programs.

Erdelina Kurti

Erdelinas current research interests lie in the area of digital transformation, particularly digital business model innovation and systems thinking. She also teaches several courses in different education programs of Informatics. Erdelina is an active member of the Linnaeus University Knowledge Environment Digital Transformation and Linnaeus University Systems Community (LNU-STC).

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Christina Bizoumi
Digital leader working with product management at IKEA Marketing and Communications

Value driven leadership as a way to attract & engage co-workers

Christina will talk to us about value driven leadership as a way to attract & engage co-workers, build a strong culture, and create a platform for making decisions. She will also talk about the importance of having alignment between our personal and organizational values to be able to bring our whole self to work.

Christina Bizoumi

Christina Bizoumi is a digital leader working with product management at IKEA Marketing and Communications. Christina is passionate about leading people and driving strategies to create meaningful digital experiences for the many. She is an energetic leader that uses her energy to bring people together, inspire change and coach individuals to unlock their potential. Christina has a growth mindset and is always looking to learn and develop. She is inspired by women that shape their own paths and wishes to engage more women to become leaders in tech, shaping a more diverse & inclusive future.

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Liv Ortiz Andersson
Project Manager @ Softhouse

Delivering value as a consultant

Liv will talk about how to discover the possibilities to deliver value by understanding your surroundings. She will also share some tips and tricks, from her experience, on how to increase value by understanding the organizational landscape, culture and the people around you.

Liv Ortiz Andersson

Liv is a management consultant at Softhouse with an educational specialization in organizational leadership. In her recent roles, she has been working as a project leader and product manager, working with OKRs, strategy and much more. As a person, Liv is energetic, honest and reflective. With her passion for leadership she believes that with the right tools, every person has the possibility to unlock their full potential.

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Monica Skagne
former CEO at Växjö kommun and leader in tech since the late 80s

Change management: an important part of the culture

Monica will talk about change management and how making it a part of the culture can make you and the organization achieve, more or less, anything. She will give examples from some of the achievements she has made and share her tips on how to integrate change management into leadership and thus make it easier to deal with a reality that is constantly changing.

Monica Skagne

Monica Skagne has over 30 years of national and international leadership experience in tech and has been awarded as Sweden’s most influential person within IT. Monica has outstanding energy and is a people-oriented leader who builds internal strength through core values, strong leadership, and processes-based work strategies across internal boundaries. She loves to see the result of great change management, which is improved service for the target group, overall business efficiency, and a strong organizational culture.

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All you need to know!

You are welcome from 17.00 when we will start with some light food, mingling, and an intro by WiTech and Softhouse before we move on to our speakers.

Register as soon as possible as the number of places is limited. The event is free and of course, we offer drinks, food, snacks, and good mingling with our inspiring speakers.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are most welcome to contact hana.ademaj@softhouse.se for more information.

The last day of registration is March 6, so grab your spot in time!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Pre mingle

Networking, getting to know each other, checking out the Softhouse office, and of course - pre-drink and food! 

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